Firefly Dance Camps

...because creating a magical world through dance and art is something every child should be exposed to!

Held through Zoom, dancers will be engaged on-screen for 2/3 of camp with an hour break in-between to grab a snack and complete an off-screen assignment before joining again. Viewing of Professional Dance Performances will also be offered during this time! I am confident that through this model we can still experience the joy of dancing, and the wonder of using our imagination!

Out of ConTROLL (Dance Tour!)

November 27 - 29, 9 A.M. - 11;30 A.M. $50


A dancing and singing camp complete with all the rockin' music from my new favorite movie! We'll adventure through six lands, compete in air guitar ROCK challenges, paint our faces in the TECHNO world, create our own COUNTRY line dance, learn choreography to POPpy's favorite songs, and more! It's hug time, so squeeze your favorite stuffed animal (or parent) and get ready for the epic party - a Dance Off Between Musical Worlds! 

"Beca has mastered the art of Zoom with little ones. My five year old does the dances and sings the songs all week long.  It has been our most successful Zoom class." -Katie, Parent

Firefly Dance welcomes folks of all walks of life, regardless of ability, body type, gender, race, religion, sexuality, and social status. Kindness is key, and we strive to demonstrate that in the respect and support we show for our community.

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