Preschool Outreach

I am pleased to offer a new subset of Firefly Dance - Preschool Outreach Classes! This means I am available to come to your school, weekly or biweekly, and teach dance in your space. Learning a new movement art in a familiar setting can help shy students feel more comfortable, and add to a supportive social environment within the school!


As with all my classes, I use silly songs and stretches, creative movement games, and simple choreographed dances (often seasonally-themed!) to encourage bodily coordination and learn basic dance technique.


A big portion of my class falls under creative expression - how would you turn YOUR body into a dinosaur, what shape would your robot take, how would your fairy move?! Dance props and costumes are included!


Email to talk about bringing

Firefly Dance to your preschool.

Firefly Dance welcomes folks of all walks of life, regardless of ability, body type, gender, race, religion, sexuality, and social status. Kindness is key, and we strive to demonstrate that in the respect and support we show for our community.

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